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The Incubation Programme is a technology and design-based service run by the Hong Kong Science Park to assist technology and design start-ups in their vulnerable inception stages. The aim of the programme is to encourage and promote innovation-based entrepreneurial activities.

Incubation Programme Support

The Incubation Programme is divided into three areas: web and mobile technology (Incu-App), technology (Incu-Tech), and biotechnology (Incu-Bio). In general, the Incubation Programme provides inhabitees with office spaces and facilities, technical and management assistance, promotion and development assistance, business support, and financial aid packages. The programme enables inhabitees to cut their overhead costs and provides them with the best resources in their course of business.

Mandatory Admission Criteria

To apply for the Incubation Programme, the applicants must satisfy the following major conditions:

  1. A Hong Kong company has less than two years of age before the date of application;
  2. Founding members are individual shareholders;
  3. All staff members have the legal right to work in Hong Kong;
  4. At least 50% full time staff members are engaged in technology related work; and
  5. The office is for the implementation of research and development.

Our Services

Located at the Hong Kong Science Park, Barron & Young has been providing high quality and cost-effective intellectual property (IP) services to a number of incubatees of the Incubation Programme for ten years.

Our practitioners understand that IP is a significant asset to technology companies, especially for the start-ups. In alignment with the Incubation Programme, we assist the incubatees by designing and utilizing tailor-made packages according to their business needs and plans.

We offer free consultation in relation to business and IP planning for incubatees. Should you have any queries regarding our services, please contact us at ip@barron-young.com or (852) 2319-2600 for a free consultation.